Workshop animated GIFs

Workshop animated GIFs

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A 2-hour workshop on how to create an animated GIF from start to finish. We share the work process starting from a blank canvas and show you how to get your GIF up and running so you can use it on Instagram stories. 

  • Workshop date: 04/03/20.
  • Workshop location: Nederkouter 124/103, 9000 Gent. 
  • 18u00: Welcome and drink.
  • 18u15: Start workshop.
  • A break is possible if needed.  
  • 20u15: End workshop.

This is a workshop with limited capacity. Only 10 tickets available, because we only have 10 chairs.

All practical info will be sent to you in an email after you purchase a ticket.

This workshop is co-hosted with the GIF connaisseur, Dirty Belgium.

Workshop Adobe Illustrator

Workshop Adobe Illustrator

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For who is this workshop:

For everybody, but a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator would be helpful for both you and me. If you don't have any experience, not to worry. I explain everything I do. 

What will this workshop teach me:

I will show my workflow from blank canvas to finished illustration. I will show a step-by-step breakdown of my creative process and which tool I focus on the most. 

  • Getting to know the Illustrator workspace. 
  • Exploring different tools. 
  • Deep dive into specific tools
    • The Stroke Panel.
    • The Pen Tool.
    • Dynamic Sketch.
    • Phantasm.
    • Live Paint. 
  • Textures in Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Isometric design. 
  • The Perspective Grid.
  • I also answer specific questions, so a subject might not be listed but we can still cover it in the workshop. 


  • Professional: 250€
  • Student: 100€ (only valid with a student ID).
Practical info:
  • This is a one day (6 hours) workshop.
  • Start: 9:00 - End: 16:00
  • The workshop is in Dutch. 
  • Address: Nederkouter 124 bus 103, 9000 Gent. 
  • Only 10 available spots. 

If you'd like an invoice for this workshop please send an email after the purchase of your ticket to